Not Quite Goodbye

I’ve lamented the fact that this blog had turned into something I didn’t quite intend. I enjoy blogging, but, I had very little to say about my chosen topic. I never quite found a place I fit. I wasn’t really a sex blogger, and I wasn’t really a good fit for the christian homeschool moms either.

I was allowing very personal things to mingle with regular stuff. And, I was enjoying writing about travel and trips more than anything.

My blog isn’t gone, but everything is hidden.

Last week, Steve had his friend Gary out, and as they sat outside a recording studio talking about their podcast, I gave opinions. They’ve asked me a million times to be on, and I won’t. But, I like sitting beside Steve while he does it, and fact checking what he says. I like being back up and support. I have taken the submissive role, because that made it easy to put a label on. I like to support and take care of my husband, and others, to be honest.

We’ve had several high stress situations recently. I handled them very well. I was never that submissive to others, I was just scared. I’m not anymore.

We went away for our anniversary. It was AMAZING. We both stepped out of our comfort zones, for ourselves and for each other. and, we ended up having some amazing growth. Just in our relationship, not really our dynamic. Though I feel I understand more of what drives me. I want to make him happy, and often that comes down to serving him. But, sometimes it’s letting him hold me so tight I can barely breath, while the glass elevator climbs 700 feet and he tries not to panic.

We began the 6 hour drive home last friday, and I began to talk about this blog. How I lacked things to talk about, because our interactions were so mundane. we don’t fight about things, there is no power struggle for me to talk about. We were discussing this, right after stopping at McDonalds to grab breakfast. I was holding the bag, as he said “this layout is stupid, hold the food until we get on the interstate.” we went back to talking, and as we merged onto the highway, I unwrapped his sandwich, and laid it on his leg, then put the straw in his drink. When he had to make a sharp curve, I reached over and made sure his food didn’t end up on the floor, and when he was finished, he concentrated on driving, while I gathered the trash. This is the kind of stuff we do, the serving I enjoy. But, it isn’t worth writing a post about.

I’m don’t think I’m submissive. I think Steve put it perfectly when he said I was his co-pilot. Somebody has to be in charge, but somebody equally as capable needs to be in that second seat to keep the Pilot in Command’s job running smoothly. I’m not so much a sub as I am a co-pilot. and, I’m cool with that.

But, I do have a love of travel, and a love of writing. So, I have a new blog. I’d love to see you all there, because I do care about your journeys. And, tell you what, (especially you Kayla!) You come over, make a comment, or a follow, and I’ll let you know my real first name.

If you just come over and read, you’ll see Steve’s name and where we are from. You can follow me on Twitter and/or Pinterest.

Serendipitous Travel 

@katie_portwood on Twitter.

Working on a Facebook page as well.

No, I’m not Katie, working on going by that though. 🙂

Come over and visit. I’m giving travel tips, reviews of places, packing lists, and sharing great scenery pictures.

8 thoughts on “Not Quite Goodbye

  1. Good Luck, Enjoy! I am not sure if you want a link back to the D/s people — just let me know. I will not leave my contact/e-mail information to hit “like”. (That’s what the blog asked for to leave comments). So, Good Faith, even if I don’t run into you, again.

    • Katie Ahava says:

      Hey, wanna check again if it will let you leave a comment or like for me? I think I turned that off. 🙂

      I will still be reading and liking stuff. And, maybe even a post or two. So, I’m sure I’ll see you some

      • I must be stupid — I cannot find the follow blog button and no “like” button is appearing — just the comments with the e-mail request. Maybe my browser is holding on to the old format if you changed it. I will try tomorrow. XO

        • Katie Ahava says:

          Weird, thanks for trying. I don’t think it’s you. It is probably me. Brad started this up on his server, so, while it’s got the wordpress software, it isn’t actually ran on wordpress. (I think that’s how he explained it.) I’ll get him to take a look for me when he gets off work.

          • I tried to find you in the WP Reader and nothing came up — you might be just starting another blog elsewhere in the blogosphere using a WP template. That means you start fresh and that might be why the comments section is asking for everything.

  2. jcdsangel says:

    Wow, that is a honest, perfectly acceptable way to view your relationship. I may have to borrow this line of thinking as I think it is exactly how it is with my relationship as well so thank you for the insight! So sorry you are shutting this blog down, I can’t find a way to follow your new blog but will check in on it regularly. Good luck!

    • Katie Ahava says:

      Please, take the line of thinking. 🙂 I think it is really helping us to look at it that way.
      dievca couldn’t find how to follow it either. Brad spent about 2 hours working on it last night. Luckily, he likes technology troubleshooting, so he’s working on making it easier to follow.
      And, I’ll still be here. Either with updates about my life or to share a post I’m particularly proud of on the other site.

  3. I’m so sad to see your blog go. I was only on page 59 after having randomly discovering it a few weeks ago. I came today and … The shock, the sadness. Who knew! I appreciate your last post and understand completely. I’m just sad I didn’t get a chance to catch up. See you on your new blog!

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