I wanted to quit writing here, because I had nothing to write about. So, of course, things happen.

I got a tattoo yesterday. I’ve never gotten one before. Of course, the plan was originally for Steve to be there with me, but to get a time he could be there too meant closer to Christmas. Well, considering where the tattoo is on my thigh, I didn’t want to have to wear pants, I wanted it done in the summer. So, I went all alone.

I had picked out the artist online, and met him yesterday. He is incredibly attractive. With a very nice voice. Quiet and calm. Ok, awesome,at least he will be nice to look at while this gets done.

My husband has put me in subspace, many times.

I did not realize I could be put there, by a stranger, without sex being involved.

I found out I could yesterday.

As I explained to Steve yesterday though, it sounds sexual. He had me lay down, then he drew on my leg for awhile. Talked softly, “You really need to lay still or you’ll regret it.”…”If you need a break, let me know, but if not, we’ll keep going until I’m done.”…”I’ll let you know before I cause anymore pain, tell me if it’s too much.” So, I’m laying there, as this man is pushing the bottom of my shorts up, high enough to expose the edge of my panties.

He begins the tattoo and it hurts. He’s kind of quiet at first, concentrating. But, still talking, soothing “is that ok? Is that too much? Do you need me to stop?” He stops for a moment, puts some water on a cloth and wipes away where he was just working, kind of laughing “Well, does that feel good?”…”Ok, back to work.” He finishes the outline of the plane and moves on to the heart. We’re chatting, kind of, back and forth. Find out he used to live just a few streets away from me. He talked about where he wanted to buy a place. About half way through the heart, he’s doing all the talking, and I’m thinking “this isn’t so bad.” that’s when I realized, he was doing all the talking because I was having a hard time actually forming coherent thoughts. I was lost in the way it felt, the things he was saying. Ummm….wow, this is not cool. So, I’m having to fight slipping in to subspace, while this good looking guy is rubbing my upper thigh gently, while hurting me.

Really, I should have known I’d enjoy this, but I had no idea.

So, I came home and immediately told Steve about it. I told him I wasn’t sure yet about more tattoos, but I really want this guy to do the work, because he was great. I told him my idea and he drew what I meant, better than was in my head. But, I am not going back alone again. Because that was really weird and felt mildly like I had done something wrong.Steve, being his ever wonderful self, reassured me I had done nothing wrong and he would not let me go without him next time.

2 thoughts on “Subspace

  1. rhojoprocesses says:

    Love it!!!! Congrats, it looks great.
    My plan was to get my first tattoo for my 40th birthday. That was April, still haven’t managed to go. 😦

  2. Keep this blog open for these types of items. That must have been a surreal experience — now you know your triggers. Very interesting. XO

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