Workout Wednesday-I don’t post underwear photos on Facebook


I have been working out like crazy, with little movement in the scale. I changed out though, now I jog, go to piloxing, turbo kick, TRX and Zumba. And I push on.

I was buying some if my favorite tank tops when Brad pointed out the mint green one and told me he really liked that color. I don’t, but I bought it anyway. Then I explained I felt sexiest in one of those tank tops with matching panties. So I bought panties to match. I was getting dressed but he had left for work. I decided I should take a photo and send it to him. I actually liked the photo so I was going to use it to see if I’d lost weight.

The picture in the red? 6 weeks ago. I weighed 3 pounds more than I do now. That is three pounds difference. And -5% body fat. Apparently I’m gaining muscle.

Then, last weekend, Brad and I were wrestling in bed. And I was playfully trying to stop him. He didn’t expect it to actually be a fight. I was impressed with myself. Then he was talking to a friend and he said he had a brief moment, where I swung my elbow around and grazed his cheek and he realized if I’d put any force behind it, he’d be hurting, badly. I felt bad but also excited about the difference.

That is -50 pounds!!


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