Finally Saw A Doctor

Ok, so, 99% sure it is MS. The other option was cancer, so, I guess this is better? I don’t know. This isn’t deadly, but it can’t be cured either. I had a 2 hr MRI today. I’m in the hospital until Thursday.

I talked to the hospital neurology educator. She has MS. I was mad. She was funny. I said I needed to get the hell out of here. I had kids to raise, and sports to coach and piloxing to go to, and a dog to walk, and mountains to hike. I did not have time for this shit. So, tell me what I need to do to manage it, and let me be on my way. She seemed pretty happy with my response. And, she told me I would probably want to stay away from support groups. They generally seemed to be full of people who let themselves become defined by the disease. They weren’t the ones out hiking.

Here’s how I see it…the only thing that changed from last week to this week, is that now my dizzy spells and stumbling have a name. Now I know I can take medicine, and know I should probably always make sure to wear a hat and sleeves to stay out of direct sunlight, because that can trigger an episode. That is all that is different. And, if it was ok for me to go to KY one day and NV the next last month with some numbness, I see no reason to stop now that the numbness has a name. And, I’m not being told to stop.

Now that I have some answers, I’m not happy, but I’m ok. I can handle this. Now, I just have to get off the damn steroids so my headache will go away. And, I’ll be fine.

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