It’s not a stroke

Steve and I are sleeping apart in the same room. It’s weird. He’s in the sofa in my hospital room, I’m in the bed. It’s 4am and they just woke me to draw more blood:

I came to the ER to get confirmation that the dizziness and facial numbness wasn’t a stroke. That’s all. Not to be admitted for more testing because they are pretty sure I have MS.

I’ll be here for a couple days, right now I have far more questions than answers. I’m trying to manage things from my hospital bed. The kids were ok on their own for a couple hours, but all day and all night aren’t ok. My sister’s ex husband has them tonight, and my ex-husbands sister will have them tomorrow. My best friend the third day, if a babysitter is still needed. All I can think of is that scene from LILO and Stitch where stitch (I think) says “this is my family, it is little and it’s broken but it’s mine.

I feel mostly shell shocked honestly. Making jokes and breaking down I tears in the middle of the punch line. I just want to know what this means. But I was told yesterday at 11am and haven’t seen a doctor since. Just people who want to draw more blood and take my blood pressure. And I can’t sleep.

4 thoughts on “It’s not a stroke

  1. Frustration and not enough information calls for patience. As soon as your gain some information, you will feel more in control. One step at a time, develop a plan, don’t panic – it is a waste of energy. You have worked on being a healthier person, you will continue in this manner and more. Sending strength and a huge HUG to you and your family. XO

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