I’m home

I was released yesterday. Not at 100% yet, maybe 60%.

I didn’t realize how much better I’d sleep with my head on his chest and him snoring all night.

I got out of the car yesterday, to pick up the kids. My 9 yr old came over and held my hand, he’s scared he’ll hurt me. My 10 yr old about knocked me over with his hug, he cried while he held on to me. They just wanted reassured I am ok. And to them, ok means home. I’m home. The puppy lost her mind when I got home. She hasn’t stopped licking me.

It is definitely MS. I have 6 pills to take today to try to knock this episode out. I’m still dizzy, still a bit weak. But I suppose that is to be expected after not moving for 5 days.

The pills give me insomnia and make me restless. In an interesting side effect, they can cause “increased feelings of self importance”. So I’ve just let my guys know they can feel free to call me “your highness”.

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