I’m Gonna Brag

I love my husband. He is one of the most amazing men I’ve ever met. He has taken all the bullshit over the last year in stride, he’s been my rock while I completely break down. He’s been loving and supportive. He’s carried me when my legs don’t want to work. He’s taken over cleaning the kitchen on weekends, so I can have some time off. When I told him I was going to do the Whole30 elimination diet, he volunteered to do it with me. Everyone loves him. Seriously, I’ve never met a person who doesn’t like him. Even his ex-girlfriends and their families still like him. He is the most even-tempered and calm man on the planet.

But, I’m bragging today because of his job. He got this job very young, and they didn’t want to hire young people. He got it anyway. Then, he worked, hard. At this point, he has been there 2nd longest in his specialty. He’s still one of the youngest guys doing the job. (He’s 31). Years ago, they told him there was no room for advancement without him moving across the country. And, he said that was fine, he liked his job. Shortly after that, a new position was created, and he got a promotion. Again, he was told, there was no room to advance, unless he moved across country. He said no, again. He has been rewriting the training manual on his own time, because it is so poorly done. He’s done multiple side projects, and just worked hard.

So, about a month ago, he was offered a promotion. And, because things move so slowly in the company, before he had moved into this position, he was offered another promotion. Two positions they created with him specifically in mind.

So, now, he has to decide between two promotions he was offered in a short time period. He isn’t sure which job yet, but I’m just so proud of him.

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