Diet Challenge is Over

I can’t remember if I mentioned it here or not. I read a book called It Starts with Food.It talked about how a lot of the stuff we eat, is bad for a lot of us. It gives you a 30 day challenge, to only eat whole food, and meat for 30 days. No dairy, no wheat, no grain, no added sugar (in any form). There is more to it than that, but you get the basic idea. There has been a lot of research on the tie between gluten and MS. So, I read the book and I decided to try it. Brad decided to try it as well and see if we felt better. I was impressed he decided to try it, because it is really hard to do on the road. But, he got hotel rooms that had kitchens, and he stuck to it.

He has been stepping on the scale, he’s down 9 pounds. I will officially weigh in tomorrow, but my clothes are fitting better. I’m back to harder workouts and 10,000+ steps a day. And, I had an MRI last month, the day I started my meds. But, I had already cut out gluten and dairy from my diet. All my lesions had shrunk, without medication. I had one new one, so I get another MRI in 6 months to see if the meds will prevent that. I had a follow up with the Dr. last Friday and he kept saying how great I was doing.

It’s over now, and Brad and I don’t want to quit it. The idea of sweets is almost too much at this point. If we want dessert we reach for oranges or grapes now.

We’ve been married about 2 and a half years. In that time, between us, we’ve lost almost 70 pounds. Things I never expected would change with weight loss have. He loves picking me up and moving me around. We both love tracing the muscles the other one is forming a little more each day. And, 70 pounds is a lot…the sex has always been good. It has recently become insanely good. And, with that much weigh lost, I feel like he’s a couple inches bigger…like to the point of discomfort in some positions!

Another weird thing? I’m fairly cute, I’ve periodically been hit on or flirted with since i was 15 or so. That lessened as I put on weight, and as I tried to hide. All of a sudden, I’m getting hit on all the time. I said to Brad “What the hell? I’m still fat. Why is everybody liking me now?” he said my confidence is through the roof, I act entirely different. Seriously, one example, last week I walked out the the grocery store with an arm full of bags. I had on my “pajama jeans” (really, denim leggings), knee high boots, a black came and a grey and black cardigan, with my cadet hat. I put the groceries in the trunk, and a guy gets out of his car, says “Excuse me Miss?” I turned toward him and he said “Please tell me you aren’t taken.” I said “Sorry, I’m happily married.” and he said “Married? How old are you? You can’t be more than 19 or 20.” I laughed and said “I’m 30.” And then he apologized for bothering me.

I thought the flirting had stopped because I was fat and not 19 anymore. But, I’m still fat and still not 19. Apparently confidence is key. Plus, I have resting bitch face, which apparently makes me unapproachable. Getting my teeth fixed and looking better all around has made me smile more.

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