And, The Official End

Official weigh in
30 days of no processed foods, no sugar, no wheat, no grain, no dairy…it was not as hard as I thought it would be. Apparently, it is easier for me to completely give up a food than it is to eat it in moderation.
From 210 to 201.2 (Gah, I was so hoping to hit 1-SOMETHING. SOOOO close)
Bmi- from 36 to 34.4
Down 4% body fat.
Going out for dinner with my best friend tonight, then I’m debating on starting over again. Or, maybe I do like, 80/20. 80% Meat, fruit and veggies. 20% other stuff.
I read so many people talking about these huge losses. 15-30 pounds. So, I admit to being somewhat disappointed when I got off the scale today. But, you know, 9 pounds in a month is a big weight loss. The only other time I lost that much in a month I gave birth to a baby. Plus, I know nohting about these other people. Were they men? I know Brad lost a lot, quick. He isn’t that big to begin with, he is just a guy. And, for as much as my head tells me I am one brownie away from being rolled around the room, it isn’t true. Some of those huge losses probably came from people bigger than me. People whose BMR is a lot higher than mine. People who burned 200 more calories while cutting up all the vegetables for the day than I did.
I did it! Hubs did it! I’m proud of us.
And, I’m only 1.3 pounds away from the one hundreds. I haven’t seen that number since I was 18. Hell, I haven’t seen this number since I was 18.

One thought on “And, The Official End

  1. Congratulations! I understand wanting bigger drops, but losing it slowly means it tends to stay off. I’m very proud of you! I did a 30 day challenge like that one time. On day 4, I was willing to lick used sugar packets, I wanted sugar so bad. I’ve never managed to do the same challenge twice, but they can (and do, obviously) help. Yay you!!

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