It’s Not Pee

What is squirting?

Links to a new study have been posted on the I Fucking Love Science’ website.

The study basically says that women who squirt are actually peeing the bed.

Maybe we are. Maybe I’m over sensitive because I squirt and it took me a long time to get comfortable with the idea.

But, first of all, calling it diluted urine mixed with other fluid does not mean it is pee. If I ask you for a shot of tequila, and you give me a margarita, I’m not going to be happy. Why? Because they are not the same.

Second, maybe women do have a little bit of pee when they cum. So? Maybe that is just how women squirt. If you don’t wanna drink it, don’t. I don’t like swallowing a guy’s cum, so I don’t think he has to swallow mine. That doesn’t make it gross to have happen.

It seems like this is just one more way to act like women who enjoy sex are wrong. If we enjoy it too much, then “Ewww…look,this adult woman wet the bed. Isn’t that gross?”

I love the comments though. Women and men saying “Yeah, that is so different. Not the same consistency, not the same smell, not the same taste. And you can’t pee and orgasm at the same time. Similar does not mean identical.” And the replies are basically “they are the exact same, shut up and deal with the fact you wet the bed.”

So what? If it is involuntary, if it is shooting out, it it happens during an orgasm, then how is this NOT cum? Why does it make so many people feel better to discount it?

7 thoughts on “It’s Not Pee

    • Katie Ahava says:

      I know it’s different. I’ve smelled it. I would think if it was pee you’d need/want to immediately change the sheets.

  1. When I first saw an article saying it was pee, I went on SUCH a huge rant. If people think it’s pee, there will be a stigma attached to squirting (at least in their minds) which means they’ll hold back and THAT leads to less orgasms, less pleasure, and much less fun. And no, it’s definitely NOT pee. Grrrrr…

  2. Kristy says:

    Who are these people doing the research? Who are there test subjects? Do the people doing the testing actually know how to make a female squirt properly and legitimately? Have the females they’re testing on experience squirting on a regular basis and know what it really feels like and the difference? I’ve squirted and then pissed before and you definitely know the difference. Sometimes when you squirt you it comes out different ways. Also, each woman squirts differently. If someone enjoys drinking it no matter if it’s cum or piss does it really matter? Sounds like a bunch of frustrated scientists who don’t know how to properly make a girl squirt and they’re frustrated and saying it doesn’t exist.

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