Always Sick Or Hurt

I’ve always been clumsy. It’s gotten worse over the last 5 years or so, Brad teased me about it for a long time. I accepted the teasing, because even I didn’t know how I could just be walking along and collapse. How I missed the step so very often. How I got SO hurt during minor things.

Now, we have an answer. I am clumsy. I am sick a lot.

Why? Well, sick because the MS means my immune system is destroying my nervous system. So, to stop that, I am on meds that destroy my immune system.

I have a nervous system that is beginning to look like swiss cheese. Actually, my brain as well. Which means, I’m clumsy. Because I can’t feel when I’m getting hurt. Because I think I lifted my foot for the stairs, but I didn’t actually. Because I’m dizzy a lot, and it throws off my balance and I fall.

What brought this complaint on today? Last night I let Trixie out. I was coming in the front door. I opened the screen door, it has a metal from. I took one step up with one foot, thought I took another step up with my other foot, and I let go of the door. It slammed into my ankle. The sharp edge jammed into my ankle. I yelled and yanked my foot out of the door, not thinking. Pulling the rest of my ankle right up along the sharp metal. My ankle is so torn up, because I didn’t realize I hadn’t taken a step.

I went to piloxing this morning. I worked out. Every stretch pulled on the half dozen cuts on the back of my ankle. I got out of the class and my sock was drenched in blood. But, I didn’t realize until I looked how bad it had gotten. It stings a bit, but it isn’t excruciating.

Grrr…so, yeah…I’m always hurt or sick. And, it is annoying. Hurt is less frustrating than sick though, so, I guess I’m glad it’s just blood today.

2 thoughts on “Always Sick Or Hurt

  1. night owl says:

    Being betrayed by your own body must really suck. You are amazing to keep going with exercise and all that you do.

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