It’s Really Happening

living room

This photo is from the listing for our house. Yesterday the house went up for sale! So, I’m just gonna divide up the paragraphs with photos. Two weeks ago we went to Atlanta to look at areas/houses. We are probably going to get a lot more for our money down there. Then, this past week Brad took vacation and stayed home so he could help me get the house ready. We repainted everything. We tore down our pool. We don’t have a truck or anything to haul with. We needed to get the pool to the dump. Most of my friends have cars, my brother-in-law has a Suburban, but, he’s pretty unreliable on helping out. You know who does have a truck? My ex-husband. Not just a truck, but one he uses to work. One that isn’t the type you fuss when the pool liner drags across the bed and leaves a trail of algae.Not to say its a bad truck, I actually really like it. But, it’s a work truck. So, I told him I’d pay for gas and grill him a burger if he came up and hauled stuff for us. So, last Tuesday he did. I watched my husband, my children, and my ex-husband all drive away with a truck load of stuff. I wasn’t sure if I would be confused, concerned, or enjoying the silence. Brad and Joe don’t like each other, but they get along fine. And, for that, I am grateful. It could be much worse.

house front

Though, how sad is it that of all my “family”, my ex-husband is the one I can count on best? He said he’d be here. He showed up when he said he would. He did what I asked without a problem. He offered up an alternate idea, I told him I didn’t think that would work, and he said “ok” and picked up more stuff to throw in the back of his truck. There was no drama, no arguing. In fact, the three of us stood around talking and joking around. My family will shout they love me all day long while putting me down, trash talking me, etc. My ex? The guy who tried to have me committed? The guy who strangled me until I blacked out? The guy who openly admits he doesn’t love me and isn’t sure he ever did? Has no problem what-so-ever with helping me out. We were really, really, terrible as a married couple. As family members? We’re fine.

back yard

Speaking of family…I’ve had some limited interactions with mine. And, I was reading over old journals and stuff. My family causes my MS to flare up. I went to my brother’s wedding a few weeks ago, and I slept for about 90% of the next 4 days. I really only woke up to make the kids food. I felt so terrible. Every time I see them, I pay for it. And, actually, it isn’t my whole family. My parents are the worst. Evil sister is next. Douche brother usually causes some effect as well. But, everyone else I seem to do fine with. My 2 favorite brothers stop by fairly regularly and I’ve never had a problem. Going back through old journals I keep finding a theme: “Mom and dad came over yesterday.” followed by something like “my left side is all fucked up again”. I can’t remember if I wrote about the phone call I got a few months ago. Mom said she wanted to be involved in my life, as long as I didn’t bring up anything controversial (i.e. anything that disagrees with their opinions.) Believe it or not, I decided to pass up that opportunity. So, I see them a couple times, out doing other stuff. Say hi. It’s fine. a couple weekends ago my brother’s wife has a surprise going away party for him. He’s leaving to join the army. They’ve been married like, 10 minutes at this point. The party is at her parents house. Brad and I love her parents. So we go. We’re eating. I’m sitting with my brother’s, my parents are at the end of the table. And, then it starts. My brother makes a joke about loving brad, but that’s ok, because they can get married now. So, Brad plays along. Then, my mom rolls her eyes and says “I don’t even see why the government is getting involved in marriage.” I said “they were invited in when straight people decided they wanted the 300 some benefits legal marriage entitled them to.” She got up, walked away and wouldn’t talk to me for the rest of the night.


Brad has been home for 17 days straight. I rolled out of bed this morning, and he seemed ready to get right up with me. I cuddled him back to sleep. “You know what would be a better idea? If you stay here. And sleep. And don’t join me for my morning coffee, and don’t try to talk to me during the top 40 count down.” I adore that man, but, we’ve been doing this for 5 years now. We spend 2 days together every 5. And, it’s unconventional, but we’ve made it work. We’ve made habits and routines that don’t involve each other. We’ve learned to enjoy our alone time. The quiet. So, time together throws both of us off.

Gah, I’ve rambled on long enough this morning. So, good thoughts/prayers/mojo anything you want to send this way to get our house sold A.S.A.P. please!


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