Missing a Rib

The house thing, Brad isn’t doing so hot at communicating. I keep finding houses I like, that need a little work, but I like. And, he keeps pointing out everything wrong, hasn’t expressed he really likes any of them. He says he wants to make me happy. He wants to buy us a nice house.

So, I keep looking at houses. And, I got tired of hearing all the perfect ones were out of our price range, and all the ones we could afford were not good enough. Finally, the other day I said “You know what, I like making this house pretty to sell. I want a $60k house. (which is like, half our budget) I want it to have a garage, and a basement and a front porch and a good roof and floor and no termites, and I don’t give a shit if one bedroom is puke green and the other is neon orange. I don’t care if there is paneling in the living room and shag carpet in the entry, ok? I want a house with the structure we want, and I want to redo all the cosmetic myself, because I like that. I want to free up several hundred dollar a month in the budget. You keep saying you are looking for the perfect house to make me happy. None of the ones we’ve found are good enough. And, what if what makes me happy is an ugly house?”

And, Brad responded with why he was being so picky about the house. How he was in the same mindset now as he was when he bought our current house, he wasn’t going to be home much, he didn’t want to spend his weekends working, he wanted a house that was nice and ready immediately. Which made sense for a 24 yr old bachelor who was only home 2 days a week. Then he said “But, I seem to be missing a rib, and creativity and have found them in my helper. If that’s what you want, and you’re happy with, I like that price.”

And, the next day I get an e-mail, a home matching my search terms just went up for sale. It’s $60,000, and it’s ugly. The entire house is paneling. It looks like it was last decorated in 1974. The kitchen cabinets needs painted, or maybe replaced. It’s about 500 more sq ft than this house. On the main level. But, it’s on .65 of an acre, with an unfinished basement, and a screened in sun room, and a porch for a swing, and a garage, and, the yard is even fenced. It also has an in-ground pool.

Anybody else believe in signs? I’m not saying this is the house for us. It will probably be sold before we can do anything. But, I think it was a sign. That maybe I’m on the right track, get more house for the money, and spend the extra on paint. We’ll end up with a really pretty house.

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