Today Has Been A Big Day

We got an offer on the house yesterday, we accepted it today. We pretty much just asked for an addendum, that we would be allowed to stay about 2 weeks after closing. The house has been on the market for 10 days.

I told Brad, months ago, the house would sell, for around X price. At the 10th showing. And, it would sell quickly.

It sold for $500 more than I said it would. The 10th showing was this morning.

Brad and I definitely had some back and forth, he thought the house was worth way more than I thought it was. Plus, I was the one doing all the research, so I’ve seen, hundreds of other homes listed and priced, I’ve paid attention to the price per sq ft. Then, he was saying “if he’s gonna offer that low, then we shouldn’t leave the washer and dryer.” I could see his point, but, I also don’t mind leaving the 15 yr old washer and dryer HERE, and getting new ones when we get there.

Closing should be *fingers crossed* Sept. 11.

Another funny thing, I asked Brad to take off the week of Sept. 7-11. I asked him MONTHS ago. Why? Because I planned to move to GA that week. Our son’s birthday is that week. Again, I talked to son a couple months ago and told him we’d probably be moving on his birthday, did he have a problem with that? He didn’t.

Apparently, I’m psychic.

Now, the hunt begins for real, for our new home.

2 thoughts on “Today Has Been A Big Day

  1. night owl says:

    Congratulations to you all. I think being psychic is really cool.

    Some months ago, in a therapy session, I told my therapist that I would meet “the one” in June. We met on Tinder on June 28th.

    I love the woo-woo stuff!

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