The Milk Will Expire…

house front

Today, while grocery shopping, my husband picked up the milk, and looked at the date. He always tries to find the one with the furthest away expiration date. Then he said “this milk will expire just 9 days before we are supposed to leave our house.” Our current house is the picture above.

So, last Monday, a house that seemed perfect went up for sale. I called Brad,  I said “I’m going to Atlanta to check out this house.” We left Tuesday afternoon, made it to about the half way point, got a hotel for the night, finished the drive Wednesday. I had emailed our realtor Tuesday night and said “Hey, I’m back in town, can I see this house? I have about a dozen more I’d like to see too.” She got right back with me, yeah, she would love to help me.

I get there Wednesday, and the house is under contract! She emailed to tell me, and also tells me a good portion of the homes I’m interested in are all under contract. She takes me to house 1. It’s very nice, but it doesn’t look quite like I’d hoped. House 2 is very similar, but -$10,000 and the siding has been burned/melted off the back, and the yard is really, really terrible, like, unusable. House 3 belongs to a married couple who had been smoking in it for the last 20 years. The rooms were itty bitty. The kitchen was pretty much the size of the island in my mother-in-law’s kitchen.  House 4, 5, and 6 were listed 1200 sq ft, with basement. The basement was apparently the garage under the house. We were hoping to get a bigger house than we had now, not the same size. This is still day one. So, she tells me she really wants to show me house 7. She knows it is a bit higher than we wanted to spend, (about $7,000 more) but, she thinks it is really close to perfect. It is literally a block away from house 6, so I say sure. We go over, and it’s perfect. I mean, seriously. I leave her, and call Brad. And, he’s really irritated with me because I know we can’t spend that much.

In fairness, when we got pre-approved, we were told we could spend $25,000 more than I was looking at. Then, Brad told me the lower number, and I thought it was a preference. So, he’s mad at me, and I keep asking what is going on, something is not adding up. We start fighting. And, we continue to fight for the next 5 days. And, we are not fighters. I finally find out what is wrong, some of it has to do with not knowing how to buy a house, some of it was debt hidden from me to keep me from stressing. Which, did not work.

Friday, I pick him up from the airport. I go STRAIGHT to the expensive house. He says it’s ok. We go to house 1, the nice one that I just didn’t care for. We spend an hour or so in there, talking to our realtor, sorting out some info. The house was vacant, don’t think we ran people out. We leave, I ask what he thinks, he likes house 1 best. I still like 7 best. We leave, the next day, we take his parents to house 7, because I can get in to house 7. His parents like it a lot. now, Brad likes it a lot. I ask what changed and he says he had just spent more time in House 1, so he got a better feel, but now he’s spent a lot of time in house 7 and really loves it. Now, I should mention, house 7 has been on the market 286 days at this point.

We go look at 4 more houses. The only one I liked quite a bit he hated because it was so dated. And, he didn’t like any.

I e-mail the realtor about more houses, most of them are now pending.

We make an offer on house 1 and house 7. I am getting e-mails about new houses matching my search up for sale. Great. This is Saturday. I’ve been getting emails about new houses for 2 days, while I’ve been there. Sunday we get answers. Both of them rejected our offer. House 7 didn’t even try to counter, and house 1 basically said he’d give in on $100, thats it. And, we didn’t love the house, so, we wanted more than that.

I make another list of homes that maybe we might be able to tolerate. Sunday, our realtor has off, so Brad and I spend Sunday driving around looking at THIRTY-EIGHT HOUSES that have been recently listed, or that we had previously thought maybe wouldn’t work for us, but maybe we could change our minds. We narrow it down to 18 houses. I rule out the one with the half mile long mud driveway. The 2 with collapsing roofs. The 5 that don’t have basements even though they said they did. The 2 on the super busy road, where it took us 10 minutes to pull back out of the drive. I e-mail our agent the list of houses. And, Brad and I talk, and decide is none of these are perfect, we’re just gonna offer full price on house 7.

Monday morning the agent gets back with us. Of the 18, we can see 4. 3 of them are full of black mold, one she sold a few years ago and she knows it is too small for us. 3 she can’t get ahold of, and the rest went under contract over the weekend. So, we look at the 4 we can see. And, then tell her we are going to put an offer on house 7. She write it up…and then, we find out, the house went under contract that morning. 286 days, and THAT morning it was gone.

Tuesday, I am so stressed and sick, I’m having a flare up. I decide to just look online, Brad has to fly out for work just for the day. A house we saw a month ago is still listed. I had asked to see it again, but the agent said they were getting ready to accept an offer. Well, on Tuesday morning it was re-listed as new. I call the agent, find out it is under offer.

Just down the street is the VERY first house we looked at. I loved it then, but, it was just a bit more than we were approved for, and Brad said it wouldn’t work. The house is still for sale. And, they dropped the price $10,000. It is in our price range now. I get the kids in the car, we drive by. The kids notice the neighborhood is full of pools and trampolines and bikes and go karts. They are happy, they wanted to live in a neighborhood. I decide to take them for ice cream and put it in my GPS. We are only about 5 minutes from town. A nice little town. We aren’t out in the middle of no where like we would have been with house 7. The house is on a little over .5 of an acre, and some of it is wooded. I call Brad and ask if we can try to put an offer on it now. I call the listing agent to make sure it is still for sale. Brad says we can try.

Brad gets home (Atlanta) Wednesday morning, which is a story itself. But, he’s home. We talk. He puts in our offer. And, then we have to leave to come home. We are driving through the mountains in TN with terrible cell signal, so, the paperwork we need to sign isn’t coming through quickly. It isn’t sending out like it should. The e-mail isn’t refreshing. 4 hours later, we finally get the e-mail, they accepted our offer.

Our agent texts us “It’s about time, y’all liked that house the second you started looking!” We finished our drive, and got home. This morning Brad lined up with inspection, and we’re working on gathering the paperwork we need to get the financing.

If all goes according to plan, in about 30 days, this will be my house.


It’s 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths. It has my porch and the bay windows. It has an office for Brad, and it has a big room in the basement for all the kids’ video game and lego stuff. The upstairs has a decent sized kitchen. And, the main floor is 1400 sq ft. Plus, a finished basement.


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