Sixty-Eight Pages

Our home inspection came back. Well, both of them really. For the house we currently own, and for the house we wanted to buy. For the home we currently own, there were no real surprises. Yes, we new the deck needed restained/sealed. Ok, the kitchen faucet does have a small leak. Yes, we will leave the spare tiles to replace the cracked ones in the entry. Yes, the furnace filter needs replaced. Things we knew, but didn’t really think about.

Then, we get to the house we liked in GA. We new the carpet was terrible. We saw the cracked glass on the garage door. We knew about the siding issues. So, with little thought, I opened the report, thinking I knew exactly what it would say. I was not expecting SIXTY-EIGHT pages. I wasn’t expecting…

  • there was evidence of termites
  • the back deck was about to collapse any minute
  • that pretty front porch isn’t attached to the house at all. It settled, the roof over it is literally floating. The posts are 3 inches from the roof.
  • Active mold growth in the basement
  • the a/c smokes when you turn it on.
  • the furnace does nothing
  • the stove inside doesn’t work.
  • there are some pipes missing.

All in all, best case scenario- a/c needs fixed, not replaced. The termite tunnels are old and already taken car of, etc. the house needs about $10,000 worth of work. Worst case scenario? The house needs about $30,000 worth of work. And, this house was already at the very edge of what we could spend. And, the sellers already bought another house, so they are making two house payment and can’t afford to make the repairs. So, we walked. Our agent said this was the worst inspection she’s seen in years.

So, we went back to a house we already put an offer on, but our offer was rejected. So, we put a new offer on. The new house has less character, but, a better yard. I don’t like the location quite as much. It’s a bit more rural. But, it’s almost $10,000 less. And, all the carpet/paint/appliances are new. This house will actually have a real room as an office for Brad and another room we can use as a school room. It has already been approved for the financing we want, the other house would have had to go through it, and we weren’t sure it would qualify.

We both really like this house. The inspection is tomorrow at 9am. Brad wanted to be there, but he has to work as well. We figured it out, that he’s just gonna leave tonight and fly in to Atlanta. He has to work in Birmingham on Tuesday, so he’s just gonna drive out there after the inspection.

My ex made the point that the good news is, the inspection couldn’t possibly be worse.

*Fingers crossed* again.

This house closes on the 18th. i hope we have some place to go!


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