I Moved!

More to come when we get internet here, but long story short, we bought a house and moved in on Sept. 25. We’re still unpacking and organizing. I’m exhausted. It’s been raining since we signed the paperwork! 


5 thoughts on “I Moved!

    • Katie Ahava says:

      The worst part of the stairs has been the moving in. Then, yesterday, we thought my youngest broke his foot. (He didn’t, just badly bruised it, but the stairs suck for him)

      So, I desperately wanted a house with stairs. I love the way they look. And, I know I won’t be able to do the stairs forever. But, I’m thinking/hoping I can do them for at least 10 more years. And, I guess, mentally, giving up that idea of a big staircase leading up to my porch felt like giving in and giving up. I had SO many people look at pictures of houses I liked, and saying “oh, but you shouldn’t have stairs.” it made me really sad.

      So, I told Brad it was making me really sad that people looked at my beautiful house and going “you can’t do that”. And, my lovely husband said “If you want the stairs that badly, we’ll have a house with stairs. And, when you can’t do stairs anymore, then we will get one of those lift things for the basement stairs.” His only thing was, we weren’t getting split level. He said, if I had a bad day, I could stay home, stay on one main level, and not have to do any stairs. If we got a split level there was no avoiding the stairs, I’d have to do them no matter how I felt.

      • belovedalways says:

        I hear you. You’re right, the stairs look great! And your attitude is excellent-seeing those stairs as a destination instead of an obstacle . I’m glad your husband understood your heart and supported you in this endeavor. May you be blessed with many memorable and truly happy years in your new home!

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