Settling In

We’ve had our house for a week now. We closed last Friday, walked out around 7pm. We had to get a couple things, then went back to my in-laws for the kids. They told us we should stay another night with them, but, we were so excited about the house that we left. Brad and I slept on the air mattress, the kids had sleeping bags.

It’s been raining since then. We tried to wait for the rain to break before we did much, but, it just wasn’t stopping. Now, they are calling for 2 more inches of rain this weekend. We ultimately rented a small u-haul van and got most of the stuff here, dry.

The storage unit is about 3/4 empty now. We could live without the stuff that is left, but, we’ll go get it. A small load every day, whatever I can fit in my car. We ended up having this month free there, so, it’s not costing us anything to take our time.

We bring home a half dozen boxes or so a day, and I unpack them. We’ve had several people stop by and they have all be amazed at how the house looks. It doesn’t look like we are in the process of moving in. It looks done.

We got the internet turned on. Brad says it is slower, but I’m not so sure. I have a plum tree and a cherry tree! We’re 15 minutes outside the next town, so, not too bad.

Brad is working from home now more than he is gone. It is strange and it is a definite adjustment.

Brad’s dad got a new truck last weekend, so, he gave us his old S10. It’s nice to have a truck.

So, the house is huge. I didn’t realize 700 sq ft would make that much a difference. The boys each have their own rooms, their is a family room (man cave), Brad has an office, we have a school room. The garage is a 2 car garage, it has a bunch of built in shelving, and it is deep enough, if we really wanted to we could parallel park the truck in front of the cars. We have 1/5 acre of land.

I’m headed to the grocery store shortly, I’m looking forward to cooking for real, we’ve been eating at restaurants and having box meals for a month now. I want to actually cook.

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