One Month Later


We’ve been here just over a month. And,I really love it.

I was a bit unsure…we’re really in the middle of no where, we live in a housing addition, but, every house has .5-1 acre of land, so, there are not a lot of houses. But, the kids have made about a dozen friends so far, which is pretty good, especially when you consider they don’t go to school.

I don’t know that I can claim any friends yet, but, I’m meeting people. I’m trying to make friends. I joined a walking/fitness meet up group and the leader sent me a message saying the others had asked about me and when we’d join them again. That was nice.

We went to a fall festival thing last weekend, everybody was really nice.

Brad is home about 50-75% of the time now, it’s weird. But, we’re adjusting. I have 3 friends coming down for Thanksgiving! Brad had a co-worker over when he was in town. The boys father came down a few weeks ago, he stayed here, but, he really just slept on the sofa in the basement, took the boys out all day then they’d come back and watch movies until late, in the basement. It really worked out well, actually.

The move ended up being good for Brad’s job. They’d been wanting to do more regional stuff, and the Atlanta area has been neglected for years. So, they are thrilled Brad is here.

I’m loving the weather. It snowed, twice last year by this time. Today it is about 73 degrees. It rained hard this morning for awhile, but, then it turned in to a beautiful day. I love how pretty it is. We go hiking about every Wednesday, we’ve found beautiful creeks and waterfalls, the leaves changing are gorgeous. Today we went to a 175 year old cemetery.

I love sitting on my front porch every morning and drinking my coffee, and I love walking the dog afterwards and not needing mittens.

I’m not pretending things are perfect. I wouldn’t mind being a little closer to things, but we’d probably lose the big yard in that case. The library system here is really disappointing compared to the old town. We get crappy internet and pay a lot for it. The nearest grocery store is horrible, I’d rather drive to the one 30 miles away. The traffic can be a bitch, and it makes me nervous driving through Atlanta, today we were the first car immediately behind a really terrible car accident, we watched the whole thing, while I slammed on the brakes and yelled “I’m stopped, I’m stopped, I’m stopped!!!!Don’t hit me, don’t hit me don’t hit me!” and the semi behind us, also doing 65 mph swerved to avoid us. I sat there, breathing hard, in the middle of the interstate thinking “Nope, this is no good. I like my old town, where the traffic wasn’t insane”.

Getting used to Brad being around more, but not available has been difficult. I love him, but having to readjust your whole routine, your whole life, and not really being able to create a new one is frustrating. Last week he was gone Mon-Wed.But, had to work in ATL on Friday. This week he’ll be gone Mon-Fri. A couple weeks ago he was home the entire week. There is no more set schedule.

I miss the convenience, and the lack of traffic where I used to live. I miss the library. I miss people I could understand. I miss the gym. But, I know you can’t have everything, and overall, I like it much better here.


I have more pictures, but my computer isn’t letting me put them on here. I’ll have to try later.

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