Diet Bet

I joined a diet bet a month ago. $35 to join and you have 30 days to lose 4% of your body weight. I joined and I hit it hard for a couple weeks. Then I hit a wall. I wore myself out, slept way more. The 12 days of rain didn’t help much either. I was feeling very sloth-like. But I could still do some things. Maybe I didn’t hike, I walked…slowly, around the mall. I could stop snacking and boredom eating. I could drink water and not soda. I could skip the pasta side dish and enjoy the grilled chicken. So I did. And I ignored the scale because I was afraid of what it said. 

Today was the final weigh in. I decided to see how much damage was done. Hoping I at least didn’t gain. I needed to lose 9 pounds to win.

I did. 9 pounds in 30 days! I’m down about 15 pounds from our move date, but still up 10 from my lowest this year. I’ll get back there. 


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