The Wrong Day

We celebrate Christmas on the wrong day. We have for years, and that made it easy when we wanted to move to GA. My ex-husband wanted Christmas Day. Ok, not a big deal for us.

It started because I have a little boy with terrible social anxiety, and all the Christmas stuff on that day was just really bad for him, he was always sick. We couldn’t convince anyone else to have their celebration on another day, so, we moved ours. Every year, we have it before the 25th. We wake up early, we do presents, we have a nice breakfast, the kids play with their new toys and then in the evening we do something fun. Previous years it has been go-karts, or a hockey game.

This year, we had our Christmas yesterday. We woke up early and did presents. We all climbed in our bed and watched the Grinch. Then Brad and I fell asleep again. When we got up, everyone got to enjoy their presents. I made a big breakfast. We had a nice lazy afternoon. Then, Brad got tickets online for Star Wars last night. We went to the theater, I dropped them off, and I went to target,  I bought a book, then I went across the street to Starbucks and read quietly for a couple hours. After the movie, I picked them up and we headed home. The kids were asleep just a couple miles in to the drive. We got home and everyone went to bed.

Everyone always apologizes to me when they find out I don’t have the kids for Christmas. But, honestly, I love OUR Christmas. I love that the gift stuff is over now, and we get to enjoy two more weeks of the holiday season without having to rush around to finish our mile long to do/shopping list. I like that when I need to get something from the store for the holiday, it’s still there. I like that now long lines aren’t really bothering me. I can go to the store, or not. Or I can go at midnight, or I can go to a store that just has groceries…and shorter lines. I like that we can go do that fun activity, because places are open. And, we don’t have to feel bad about contributing to making people work on the holiday. The rest of our holiday season is stress-free. We went out for lunch today, and the waitress asked if we were ready for Christmas. We didn’t figure we needed to give a long explanation, so, we just smiled and said “Yup, all ready” and she said “Wow! You are the only people I’ve asked who have said that.”

On the actual Christmas day, Brad and I will have our own tradition…we will wake up and turn on the Christmas parade, and we will undecorate the house. We’ll pack away ornaments while watching the parade. We’ll probably fall asleep on the living room floor, in front of the fireplace like every other year, but it may be too warm for a fire this time. And, maybe we’ll make new traditions. I’d like to go hiking, if we can. And, my in-laws invited us over for dinner. Christmas eve we were invited over to a friend’s house to eat junk food and watch Christmas movies. And, since we have no other plans, or things we must do, that means we actually do get to spend time enjoying our friends and family and not stress about it.

I’m at the point now, where if my ex offered me the actual holiday, I think i’d turn him down.

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