Feeling Loved

Love is…him buying you the red leather journal and the black, because you asked for the black, not knowing there was red and he knows you like red best.


Love is…thai food at 3pm on Valentine’s Day because he knows you don’t like crowds.

Love is…driving out of his way to get you Starbucks.

Love is…taking you to the golf course to make sure you’ll be happy walking around it before he gets a membership.

Love is…taking your car, and filling it up.

Love is…going to bed at 9pm, even though he’s a night owl.

Love is…starting a fire, tucking you in to your favorite chair, handing you a book and a glass of wine, then keeping the kids quiet for an hour.


Love is…tying your shoes for you.

Love is…taking a progress photo everyday, because you want to see the weight loss, even if it seems like no one else can. (21 pounds since Christmas!)

Love is…sitting and watching you write out tomorrows to-do list in rainbow colors, and in order, and smiling while you do.

Love is…getting out of bed early to get your coffee going while you get dressed in the morning.

Love is…chasing you across the rope bridge at the top of the cliff, even though there is a sturdy stone bridge as well, and he’s afraid of heights.


Love is…lying in bed, kissing on you, caressing, trying to put you in the mood and asking what you are thinking. And, when you say “I’m trying to decide if I have a good reason to ask you to stop, and I think that map of the US looks like a teapot without my glasses on” and he stops and laughs and tells you he can’t see it, point it out, then he holds you tight and tells you how much he loves you.

it becomes more and more apparent as I get older, that my love language is “acts of service” and he has worked very hard to learn my language and he speaks it very well. I know he adores me. He’s been saying it a lot lately.



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