I’m a Klutz

Isn’t this a pretty spot? 

About 3 seconds after snapping this photo, I leaned down to touch the water, got too close to the edge and found myself on algae covered rocks. Down I went. My hand stared to swell immediately. Everything hurt. I fell hard. My pants and shoes were soaked. This was the beginning of the hike. Went ahead and finished the 1.5 miles to the big waterfall and then back out. 

If you look closely you can see my hand bandaged up behind Brad’s back. 

Three hours of waiting at “urgent” care, just to find out I sprained my thumb and wrist and jammed everything. I’m not entirely certain there isn’t something more wrong (maybe a cracked tailbone, Brad said he heard me hit that slab of granite) but, I just wanted to get out. Plus they acted like I was just trying to get pain killers (I wasn’t), so I didn’t want to keep saying things that hurt. 

I hurt so bad. 

It was a long weekend. Friday was soccer practice. While the kids practiced my ex-husband called, asking if he could come down for their game and sleep in the spare room. Their game was in 13 hrs. It’s an 11 HR drive. I said sure. 

I had wanted to go hiking Sat. After soccer. He didn’t know this. He was bringing his gf, and he said “do you guys have plans? Or can I take the kids hiking? Gf would like to see a waterfall.” I told him we planned to hike, the place had a waterfall, they could tag along. 

Everything went according to plan until I fell. 

He took the kids home, Brad took me for X-rays, we told x “if youve got the kids, you do dinner, we’re going to the movies afterwards” he said ok, they’d get pizza. 

I spent so long in the waiting room, then we needed to eat, that we missed the movie. We came home, everybody was asleep. Ex and gf left to go home at 9 this morning. 

I have friends who think him staying here is weird, but it works. Basically, he comes down, gets to see the kids, we lock everybody in the basement for the weekend. We don’t really have to see him unless we want to. The basement is finished. The kids sleep down there already, so he does too, there is a tv and an Xbox, he generally orders pizza or takes them out. It works. It’s a bit weird, but it works. 

2 thoughts on “I’m a Klutz

  1. good2bqueen283 says:

    I must tell you how much I look forward to reading your posts.. You are so honest and real! Keep up the hard work, you look great and deserve it!

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