I Have a New Pet


Trixie and our new baby, Zoey.

She followed my 11 yr old home. So, I posted on Next Door, I posted on Facebook. I shared on the local shelter pages. I walked her around the neighborhood, nobody recognized her. I went to the vet and they said she has no microchip. And, if I wanted her, the law says she’s mine.

It’s been a week. The posts were shared dozens of times. Not a peep from anyone.

I live in a very rural area, and the neighbors have all said people come out from Atlanta and dump dogs all the time. So, that is a possibility.

She’s a year old. The vet said she looks like a boxer-pit mix. She weighs 3 pounds more than Trixie, and they get along great.


I wasn’t planning to have two dogs, but, I can’t just leave her at the shelter. She’s terrified, and I don’t think the shelter is going to improve that. She falls over and shakes if you come toward her too quick.

Anyway, in other news. Brad is back to traveling more. My kids are playing football this fall. Their first season of tackle. So far there have been 3 broken bones. Fortunately, not my kids. Thing 1 is a kicker, Thing 2 is a punter, and when they don’t need to kick they are line backers. img_2053

We’ve been in our house for just over a year. The kids have made lots of friends. I’ve made more friends here than I had in Indiana. I love the house. I love my neighbors. The area is a bit more rural than I wanted, but I love how much there is to do around here. Brad and I got kayaks, so we spent most of summer kayaking or hiking. Then, we got season passes to Six Flags and to the Water Park. So, the kids and I have been spending the last month or so doing that.

My MS has been pretty well controlled. My last MRI showed no activity. I have an appointment with the neurologist at the end of the month, we’ll see how that goes.



So, that is my update for now. Things are good, I’m happier than ever.

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