Almost 5 years

Would you believe my 5 yr anniversary is coming up this weekend? Brad and I are headed to New Orleans! We figured we got married on a trip, why not keep up the tradition? So, we always go somewhere.

I dyed my hair yesterday, my friend called in Mardi Gras colors. It’s a little too pastel for that, it’s more mermaid hair. It didn’t turn out at all how I had planned. But, I love it.

In other news, the kids and i started volunteering at the animal shelter, to walk dogs. It was going well. And, there was a small dog there, who would just sit in her crate and tremble. Never made a sound, never came up to the door. Just hid and cried. So, we’d get her out. (Well, the kids would, I was too short to reach, and they are taller than me now) We’d try to play with her, but she would find the nearest corner and get as small as she could in it.

We went a few times when there were a LOT of people there wanting to adopt. And, I tried SO hard to get people to pay attention to the sad pup nobody noticed. And, people said she didn’t seem like she would be any fun. They wanted a puppy. They wanted a playful dog. Etc. For weeks this happened. Finally I asked Brad if he’d be upset if I brought her home. He said no. So, I got her. It’s been about 3 months now, and she’s finally starting to come out of her shell. She still would prefer to hide, but she doesn’t shake much anymore. She can be coaxed out with hot dog chunks or cheese. She likes to lay on the sofa in Brad’s office while he works, and she likes to jump in bed for cuddles with me in the morning. She’s about 2-3 yrs old. She is a mountain cur mix.


The kids are great, they are currently spending the summer with their dad, but apparently can’t wait to come home. They are both taller than me now. The 13 yr old is 5’4″ and the 11 yr old is 5’7″! They played soccer during the spring, but the coach was horrible. So…I guess I’m coaching fall soccer.

My MS is alright. I haven’t had another big flare up. Just small things, that last a day or two. It’s annoying, but not debilitating.

I’ve been enjoying hiking, kayaking, going to the gym, gardening, and walking dogs at the shelter. We made the spare room into a library, which I think is pretty awesome. I have a pollinator garden, that I was super excited to start, and it’s been taken over by poison ivy.   We got a fence put up because asshole kids wouldn’t stay out of the yard (and garden) and when I went to tell their mom they were destroying my garden, she literally GRUNTED at me, and slammed the door shut.


I think that’s about it from me.


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