New Orleans

Sunday was our 5th anniversary, and like usual, we went on a trip. This year was New Orleans. I’d never been before, though Brad had. We decided to rent a car and make the 6.5 hr drive. We rented convertible, and we got to the rental place, and there was no convertible. The guy at the front said he was going to go find one. So, we wandered, looking for our 2nd choice. We found a convertible, but, it was a BMW and $100 more a day. We waited and waited. Finally the guy pulls up in front of us and says “I can’t find one! just take that one.” And points to the BMW. So, we happily put our stuff in the back and left. We had a red, BMW 4-Series, convertible for the weekend. So, that was fun.

We got to New Orleans with enough time to walk around Canal Street and go to the river.  Our hotel was about a block off Canal and Bourbon. Unfortunately, they are fixing the road on Bourbon, so a lot of the street was shut down, even though the bars and restaurants were still open. IMG_1040

We spent Saturday morning going to a couple museums, drinking coffee, riding the trolley, seeing street art, going to the cemeteries. Brad said the morning was mine, but night was his, and he wanted alcohol and strip clubs. I agreed. So, after a busy morning, we went back to the hotel, changed clothes, etc. and went back out. We walked up and down Bourbon, luckily the last couple blocks were still open and there was a lot to see. We went to a strip club, and it wasn’t our kind of place. I said I’d like to try one of the Cabarets, and we went. I got a cranberry and vodka, and it came out basically clear. It was strong. Brad started with whiskey and coke. Girls kept coming over, and Brad kept saying no thank you. I think he wanted a couple drinks in him first, but, the waitress was super slow, and eventually he stopped being approached. I said we may as well wander again, odds were good he’d see boobs and the drinks would be cheaper. I was right.

I said I would like to go dancing for a bit. We made our way into a bar where there was dancing, and we started drinking. A lot. Brad had never been drunk before, but that changed Saturday night. I know we danced and were out until 2am-ish. i woke up Sun morning and my fitbit had logged 6,500 steps after midnight.

We spent Sunday morning just driving the convertible. We went across Lake Ponchartrain. We drove the garden district. Brad wanted to see the 9th Ward, and I couldn’t bring myself to take a $50,000 car into a neighborhood where the houses weren’t even worth that. It seemed insensitive, at best. So, we went back to the hotel, got dressed up, went out to a Brazilian Steakhouse for dinner. Walked to the river again, watched the river boats come in from the dinner cruises. Talked about what we want to do next year.

Current plan? Saint Maarten. And, I’m going to start taking my diet seriously again, because if you think I’m going to a topless beach and wearing a top, you are mistaken.

It was a great trip and I am looking forward to going back sometime.


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