With Friends Like That

I’ve asked my sister to leave us alone. My kid’s went up to visit their dad for Thanksgiving, and apparently she’s befriended his new wife, so that way she can see my kids and get around me. She makes my kids uncomfortable, she’s just doing this because I told her not to. My ex is not going to support me in this. So, I messaged her “Is there a reason you can’t leave my family alone?” I got back a 10 paragraph e-mail telling me that it is HER family and she will do whatever she wants. That she can’t leave me alone, because I’m obsessed with her. She’s glad I left because that means she can tell everyone the “truth” about me, and I’m not there to refute it. Oh, and also, everyone who has ever met me hates me. Then, because she cares so much about my family, she blocked me. As did my mother after this.

So, ummm…I’m hurting a lot right now.

Plus, it’s ridiculous anyway. Not everyone hates me, some people merely dislike me.

2 thoughts on “With Friends Like That

  1. With some people you cannot win, but I truly believe that what comes around goes around. Your ex-husband will get tired of trying to schedule your sister time in with the kids and the new wife will figure it out at some point. Good Luck and I hope you are doing well. XO

    • Katie Ahava says:

      I feel bad I just saw this comment! I’m not getting notifications now. and thank you, I am doing well. I hope you are too!

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