8 yrs

For 8 yrs It’s just been B and I. He was my last first.

Yesterday I met up with R. We talked a lot over the last couple weeks. We knew we weren’t meeting up just to talk. He said he wasn’t sure I’d make it entirely through the door before he started kissing me. He was right. We kissed as we walked to the room. We touched, kissed, licked, whatever we wanted.

And the whole time I was thinking “Ok, there is definitely something to be said for being with somebody who knows you. This is fun, but he’s not B.” R was good with his hands and his mouth, but, he was the first person that wasn’t B in 8 yrs.

He told me he wanted me. I told him I wanted him too. So, we tried.

And, it was really pretty bad. Things were not working right. And, I was too wet and he couldn’t stay hard. And, honestly we spent more time giggling and saying “ok, let’s try this…” than we did actually having sex. We tried different positions, and somehow still did them wrong. And, it’s not like we are two 16 yr olds just trying to figure it out. I’ve been married twice, and slept my way through most of my old hometown. He’s 43 and I know he’s got some experience too.

So, I guess we can just focus on the good. The fact that we could laugh about it. The fact even failing as bad as we did it didn’t get awkward. We both did orgasm, so, it wasn’t all bad. We got dressed, and he sat down on a recliner, I sat on his lap and we kept making out, and eventually fell asleep, cuddled up. That was really nice, actually.

He texted me pretty quickly after I left. I think we’re still good. I don’t know if we’ll try that again, or just be friends who like to periodically make out. He implied he’d like to try again. I went home and talked to B, we’re good too. I think he’s patting himself on the back a little bit. But I told him, when he finds somebody to hook up with, not to count on it being amazing. It might be, but it might not be as well. I guess we’ll see.

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