No, I don’t

Zoey is gone.

I came home from football practice last night, and there was a man on my front porch steps. I rolled down the window and he said “Can I have my dog back?”

He showed us pictures. Said a woman from his church saw me walking her and told him I took his dogs. Zoey (Allie) had been gone for almost a week at the point. She was happy to see him.

So, I opened the gate. He yelled for her to get in the truck and she ran to it.

He informed us she’ll live on a chain now because she runs off.

She has no shots.

She is not fixed.

I said we could keep her if he didn’t want her.

He said we don’t want her, she has fleas and chews up garbage.

I told him I knew she had fleas. I was taking her for a bath tomorrow, and 2 days ago I gave her flea and tick meds. I told him we had an appointment to have her microchipped tomorrow.

He took her.

She already had sores on her tummy from sleeping on concrete.

My kids are heart broken. img_3812

I Have a New Pet


Trixie and our new baby, Zoey.

She followed my 11 yr old home. So, I posted on Next Door, I posted on Facebook. I shared on the local shelter pages. I walked her around the neighborhood, nobody recognized her. I went to the vet and they said she has no microchip. And, if I wanted her, the law says she’s mine.

It’s been a week. The posts were shared dozens of times. Not a peep from anyone.

I live in a very rural area, and the neighbors have all said people come out from Atlanta and dump dogs all the time. So, that is a possibility.

She’s a year old. The vet said she looks like a boxer-pit mix. She weighs 3 pounds more than Trixie, and they get along great.


I wasn’t planning to have two dogs, but, I can’t just leave her at the shelter. She’s terrified, and I don’t think the shelter is going to improve that. She falls over and shakes if you come toward her too quick.

Anyway, in other news. Brad is back to traveling more. My kids are playing football this fall. Their first season of tackle. So far there have been 3 broken bones. Fortunately, not my kids. Thing 1 is a kicker, Thing 2 is a punter, and when they don’t need to kick they are line backers. img_2053

We’ve been in our house for just over a year. The kids have made lots of friends. I’ve made more friends here than I had in Indiana. I love the house. I love my neighbors. The area is a bit more rural than I wanted, but I love how much there is to do around here. Brad and I got kayaks, so we spent most of summer kayaking or hiking. Then, we got season passes to Six Flags and to the Water Park. So, the kids and I have been spending the last month or so doing that.

My MS has been pretty well controlled. My last MRI showed no activity. I have an appointment with the neurologist at the end of the month, we’ll see how that goes.



So, that is my update for now. Things are good, I’m happier than ever.

I Was That Girl

We went to Disney World on Monday. I have a friend who works there, and he got us in free. And…it wasn’t worth it. He has a new fiance. They’ve been together for 6 months or so, getting married in 3 weeks because she’s pregnant. I spent the whole day hearing about her infertility, gestational diabetes,  lupus, cancer, PCOS, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, and extreme social anxiety. None of which she’s been diagnosed with, but she researched them online and has all the symptoms. She’s 12 weeks pregnant, and was being pushed around on a wheelchair the whole time because she’s just “so big!”. Brad and I spent most the drive home trying to make ANY sense of anything she said.

Her and my friend also spent a large amount of time talking about not shopping at Target because of “everything going on”, abortion (I always pick Disney as a good place to have this conversation) God, judging others, etc. Brad and I said little, but certainly never agreed with them.

What finally did me in with her was when I was stumbling while I walked and she was like “well, I guess you can use the wheelchair” and I said no. She asked why, and I said because people like you judge. I don’t want to just be the fat girl who can’t walk. I don’t look broken, you can’t see basically dead spots in  my brain, and that my nerves are eaten all the hell. You got all pissy because you saw someone who didn’t look disabled come out of a handicapped bathroom stall, and I don’t feel like being judged today.

And with him…Disney has a policy not to let people over 14 wear Disney costumes. My friend went on the teacup ride with the boys, there were 6-8 girls on the ride. The girls were each dressed as a different princess. So, I watched as Belle, Jasmine, Alice, and Cinderella posed for their teacup selfie. I watched Ariel, Aurora, and Anna beg one of their mom’s to take one more photo. These girls were having a blast. They got out and Barb (the GF) says “they are too old for those costumes”. They were tall, I will give them that. But, they all looked very young. So, I said I thought she was wrong. She says maybe, but Belle is definitely older than the other girls. I say I’m not so sure, and even if she is, all her friends are dressed up, she wanted to too. So, phil (my friend) gets off the ride. He is made about these girls. He is going to report them, they are obviously older than 14. I’m still fairly certain they are 11-12. I tell him, if my 10 and 12 yr old walked through the front door holding any of these girls hands, I wouldn’t bat an eye. He’s going “look at them! They are not 12, they have boobs and hips and asses.” Now I’m mad. “Look up a little higher then! Their faces are kids’ faces! If you’d stop creeping at their boobs you’d see their faces and they can’t be older than 12.” and he’s still arguing with me. Brad is agreeing with me. Phil is like “12yr olds are not 5’7”. I’m almost shouting, yes they are! My 12 yr old has a 12 yr old female friend who makes me look like a 12 yr old. She’s closer to Brad’s height. And, she’s not the only friend who makes me look tiny when she’s here.

Phil finally says “they didn’t make 12 yr olds like that when I was 12”. And, I said “yes they did dumbass. Because I was that 12 yr old. I was the D cup who couldn’t fit her hips into anything smaller than a woman’s size 8. I had an hourglass figure at 12. And, I spent all of 6th, 7th, and 8th grades being told I wasn’t old enough to act/be treated like i was 16, but, if I did what my 12 yr old friends, who hadn’t hit puberty, did, I was inappropriate. And, it was bullshit.”

I didn’t say this, but I should have. And just because she makes your penis happy doesn’t mean she’s an adult, you are still responsible for yourself,so, your thoughts are on you. Don’t look at a 12 yr old you think is hot and say SHE’S the problem. When you would notice she is 12, if you just looked at her. As a person. You are the problem here. Because we looked over and saw a child playing dress up and having a fun day with friends and their moms, you looked over and saw boobs and said she was inappropriate. These little girls had on knee length dresses, they had no cleavage showing, they had on Converse high tops, and you looked over and sexualized them and saw adults where there were none because placing the blame on these little girls makes YOU feel better about yourself.

He finally threw up his hands and went “well, i guess I hit a sore spot, I just think the rules need to be enforced and 12 yr olds aren’t your height.” And, I stopped, because I was honestly furious. And…I’ve been this tall since I was 11, but short of calling my parents, I couldn’t prove it. And they’d be on Phil’s side anyway, because men can’t control themselves, so, women need to be modest and chaste.

I’m a Klutz

Isn’t this a pretty spot? 

About 3 seconds after snapping this photo, I leaned down to touch the water, got too close to the edge and found myself on algae covered rocks. Down I went. My hand stared to swell immediately. Everything hurt. I fell hard. My pants and shoes were soaked. This was the beginning of the hike. Went ahead and finished the 1.5 miles to the big waterfall and then back out. 

If you look closely you can see my hand bandaged up behind Brad’s back. 

Three hours of waiting at “urgent” care, just to find out I sprained my thumb and wrist and jammed everything. I’m not entirely certain there isn’t something more wrong (maybe a cracked tailbone, Brad said he heard me hit that slab of granite) but, I just wanted to get out. Plus they acted like I was just trying to get pain killers (I wasn’t), so I didn’t want to keep saying things that hurt. 

I hurt so bad. 

It was a long weekend. Friday was soccer practice. While the kids practiced my ex-husband called, asking if he could come down for their game and sleep in the spare room. Their game was in 13 hrs. It’s an 11 HR drive. I said sure. 

I had wanted to go hiking Sat. After soccer. He didn’t know this. He was bringing his gf, and he said “do you guys have plans? Or can I take the kids hiking? Gf would like to see a waterfall.” I told him we planned to hike, the place had a waterfall, they could tag along. 

Everything went according to plan until I fell. 

He took the kids home, Brad took me for X-rays, we told x “if youve got the kids, you do dinner, we’re going to the movies afterwards” he said ok, they’d get pizza. 

I spent so long in the waiting room, then we needed to eat, that we missed the movie. We came home, everybody was asleep. Ex and gf left to go home at 9 this morning. 

I have friends who think him staying here is weird, but it works. Basically, he comes down, gets to see the kids, we lock everybody in the basement for the weekend. We don’t really have to see him unless we want to. The basement is finished. The kids sleep down there already, so he does too, there is a tv and an Xbox, he generally orders pizza or takes them out. It works. It’s a bit weird, but it works. 

Slow Going

I won’t post a lot, but I want to post a couple pictures. I’m up 10 years and down 75 pounds in these pictures, and I’m proud. I don’t have many people that knew me back then left to see how far I’ve come, but here it is.